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Wednesday, 09 August 2006
You may wonder why someone creates a homepage and puts it on the web? Well, there may be several reasons. I started with a photo gallery to show my friends the pictures I take, instead of sending them megabytes of e-mails. To let them know if there is anything new or keep them updated what I am doing, I posted it in the news. Then I thought that I could introduce myself to those that got to know me recently, i.e. do not know exactly where I was and what I did years ago. During my studies in Sweden, I was asked if I could also inform about my courses and projects I am working on, so an other section was added. A further one was created to share links and also link to my friends. And when I was programming the second version of my page with PHP, I included the collection of news feeds for me, so that I can get the latest news in those fields that interest me, with just a few clicks. Finally, there is a contact form for the people that do not know me and want to get in touch with me.

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