Welcome to Adrian's Home

I put my first homepage online in 2004, mainly with a photo gallery and a news section in order to share pictures with my friends and keep them informed on what I was up to. A second version followed a year later, and a third version based on Joomla served from 2007 for almost 10 years. Finally I took the time to update it.

Grew up in Switzerland

I grew up and went to school near the city of Berne. My interests in electronics and digital signal processing were the motivation to study electrical engineering.

Studied in Sweden

In order to learn more and live in a country I’ve been interested in since childhood, I could study in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2004 I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Wireless Systems from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology).

Worked in Germany and the USA

Directly after graduation I started working as a development engineer at Rohde & Schwarz in Munich, where I’ve been working on real-time baseband signal processing for LTE. I got the chance to live and work near Portland/OR, still with the same company. These almost 1.5 years in the USA was probably among the best in my life. Portland and its state Oregon is an awesome area and I’ve started to love the area.

Worked in Germany and the USA

Returned back to Switzerland after almost 10 years abroad

After spending almost 10 years abroad, I moved back to my home country very close to where I grew up. It’s been an amazing time and I wouldn’t want to miss any of these years. I gained so many friends from all over the world, I’ve seen many places, and I’ve learned a lot.
Despite having lived abroad in three different countries, and having travelled a lot, I’ve soon realized that Berne is where I feel home.

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